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15 of my favorite things about the web

My 15 favorite things about the web.

  1. Learning. I can learn things in the web. Codeacademy is more fun than my school was.
  2. Watching. I can’t imagine using the web and not watching videos. YouTube, Vimeo, … Seriously, where would internet be without silly cat videos? And memes. The new graphic revolution. A newer way to express, pass humor, and throw sarcasm!
  3. Exploring. Haven’t you, too, grabbed a hat and plunged into the unknown territories in the web? I have found things above my imagination. Here’s an elvish dictionary if you’re into the Lord of the Rings.
  4. Social Media. Whenever I dive into the web, I check the social media first. A bow to these virtual pubs!
  5. Communities and forums. Things start happening faster when like minded people meet to analyse, discuss (or fight!), and conclude upon an idea. No better and larger community than the web itself!
  6. Blogging. This is where I become a writer. I can publish. I can speak. I can make my voice heard. I can be creative. I have my private space to express! I can also make money with my blog. Join AdSense. If You got rejected by AdSense for a reason you can’t figure out like many, try Chitika. Chitika is easy to setup and it has many happy customers (publishers). A nice way to earn some extra money.
  7. Interacting with strangers. I have made new friends and new contacts via the web. Twitter, Google Plus etc.let me meet people of similar interest as mine. And e-mails. How else would I ask an expert from an university 7 seas away so easily if not for an email?
  8. Creating future. Events can be organized, and participated in the web. In NASA’s SpaceApps Challenge last month, more than 9000 participated together linked by the web. It was like being a part of future in the making!
  9. Platform. The web is a showcase. Sometimes I have used websites to display what little skills I have.People can even make a living using the web as a platform. Sites like Squidoo are famous.
  10. Having fun. Isn’t fun the basic thing we want in life? Maybe happiness is what we want basically. Anyway,web is fun all the way.
  11. DIY. Search DIY in the web and a thousand and one interesting things you like to do yourself will jump out. DIYs can be self-enriching or even changing.
  12. Working on your idea, homework, project. Whenever I start working on an assignment, first thing I refer tois the web. Text books are so boring. The web has more resources and more graphics.
  13. Storage. It’s easy to store files in the web. Accessing important files from anywhere has never been more easy. And, I don’t have to email a file. I can even save my notes for anytime and anywhere. All thanks to the web!
  14. News. News can be read in real time on the web. Sites like Twitter enable news update in seconds. News impact lives faster than ever. The world is changing faster with the web.
  15. Contribute and develop. I have had my experiencing of contributing to the developing of web. Army of Awesome, Locamotion, etc. are great places to contribute. I have found myself growing by contributing to the web.

What are your 15 favorite things about the web? Make a page and show us!


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