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City Spending Data Party: Kathmandu 2013, from a newbie data wrangler’s journal.

Open Knowledge Foundation organized a global City Spending Data Parties in many cities from Israel, Japan, Brazil, Kenya, Nigeria etc. where members of local Open Knowledge Community work with data wranglers, coders, journalists, students and others in July 19- 21 to open up budget and spending data from cities to help citizens get a sense … Continue reading

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हिन्दू संस्कृति र नेपाल

Originally posted on aalokvidya:
1.   गायत्री मन्त्र हिन्दू जाति को विशिष्ट उपलब्धि हो, परिचय हो र आस्था पनि हो । गायत्री को आविर्भाव गर्ने ऋषि विश्वामित्र हुन्, उनको वंशबोधक नाम कौशिक हो । किन भने उनी राजर्षि कुशिक का नाती हुन् । हिन्दू कर्मकाण्ड मा जब गायत्री को अनुष्ठान हुन्छ, विश्वामित्र को नाम लिनै…

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Pay nothing to learn, …but save your internet connection

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” Carl Sagan The world today has gone digital. So, Carl Sagan’s “somewhere” is most probably found in the internet. Self-learning is the only way to learn. Teachers might have done their part, but in the end it’s what we practice and understand that makes us learn. Sure, … Continue reading